The brand has established itself as one to be rivaled, selling in the world’s most exclusive department stores and being sported on the arms of the world’s most exclusive people. Analeena is a classic trendsetter among the world’s elite, supported by innovation and the finest Italian craftsmanship.
Stunning design has set them apart from the rest and the use of exotic skin from lizard to crocodile in a vast spectrum of colours ensures that each collection is as vibrant and inventive as the last.
The unprecedented innovation and passion that is the backbone of the Analeena range has produced design elements that are unique to Analeena and enhance the excellence and exclusivity of the brand. From secret umbrella pockets to mini torches to bag hangers, you will find supreme class hand in hand with practicality.
The combination of lizard handles and crocodile skin bags in the Analeena Signature Collection create a durable yet beautiful partnership. Exquisite design details such as rose gold threaded seams in the Python Collection and the Calla Lily buckle representing luxury in the Signature Collection show what Analeena is all about.
The Calla Lily buckle is embedded with an evil eye to ward off jealousy, showing just how far the detail and execution of these bags and accessories embody the incomparable elegance that is the Analeena brand. Inspired by the cool of the city and the sexiness of the French Riviera, designer Lina H very much imposes her own style rather than being guided by the trends of the season and creates unadulterated luxury, perfection and nothing less than pieces to be treasured.